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Wednesday, 11.13.2019, 1:05 PM
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v1.9 is finally ready!

Changes in v1.9:

1. Updated ContentCRC32
2. Updated version string shown in main menu.
3. Fixed Ai for grenades/grenade spam/Kegs. Bots should now use these weapons more.
4. Fixed coding on ejected shell for sniper rifles. 3p shell casing remains on the map infinitly. It is supposed to disappear after 10 seconds like the rest of the shell effects.
5. Added RemoveAtRestart code to all scrap pieces. They will no longer remain on the map after a round ends/restarts.
6. Tweaked AA projectile so it will detonate near aircraft more often.
7. Lowered sound radius of Troop Trap beeps. Should be less annoying when multiple TT are in one area. :P
8. Added night conversion of Victory Village. Also has new weather FX. (rain with lightning).
9. Added scrolling clouds effect for night conversion of Victory Village.
10. New stormy ambient sound for Victory Village Nights.
11. Added Alpine Assault map to the mod. :D
12. 12 n ... Read more »
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