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Sunday, 09.25.2022, 7:04 AM
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Long overdue update. I have since released v3.0 of the mod that brings many changes. I also was allowed to post a topic on the mod at the official forums! So you can now find the mod over at the official BFH forums at this link:


Latest Video of the new version:

Also note that I have reverted the site and forums to the older template with a modified background image. (the original file was a 2MB+ PNG f ... Read more »
Views: 92861 | Added by: Apache_Thunder | Date: 02.13.2012 | Comments (31)

Coming soon to v3.0 (will be v2.6 if I can't get new textures for the boats I plan to add) is Wicked Wake.

I got Wicked Wake ingame. It's got all the staticobjects and is fully lightmapped. It now just needs the material map tweaked, vehicles/controlpoints/spawnpoints added, and bots added among a few other things. It's getting there. :P

Video of what it looks like thus far:

Please note it will take longer to do this map since I have a job now and thus I have a LOT LESS time then I used to. So I can't hammer down entire map conversions in a single day like I used to. sad
Views: 16412 | Added by: Apache_Thunder | Date: 07.11.2011 | Comments (14)

v2.5 is ready! Added a night conversion of Alpine Assault and a winter conversion of Midnight Mayhem among some other changes.

Download Link:

Server Files:

Changes in v2.5:

1. Updated ContentCRC32.
2. Disabled Prone. As a side affect, bots are more aggressive now.
3. Made small tweaks to AI behavior wieghts.
4. Added winter version of Midnight Mayhem.
5. Reload animations for RPGs finally fixed. ... Read more »
Views: 20551 | Added by: Apache_Thunder | Date: 02.07.2011 | Comments (11)

Been a while since my last update to this mod, but I haven't stopped working on it.

Working on porting the winter maps now. I finally get to use my snow FX that was laying dormant in the coding files. :D

Video of Coastal Clash Winter:

I've added a bit of randomness to the snow fall direction to make it more realistic. It looks nice thus far and beats the hell out of BF2's attempt at snow FX. It looks like crap in BF2. (due to emiters choking and not emitting the snow consistently)

I've added clouds and extra christmas lights that EA was too lazy to add. biggrin
Views: 2345 | Added by: Apache_Thunder | Date: 11.29.2010 | Comments (3)

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