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Sunday, 04.11.2021, 4:39 PM
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v1.8 is around the corner! I hope to have it ready sometime in the first week of July. (don't want to set a specific release date yet! :P )

To wet your appetite here is what the changes for v1.8. Yes unlike Dice, I will give you the change log BEFORE it is released. biggrin Yeah. One more thing to check off the win list for me and to add to the fail list of EA. Mwuahahah! :D


Changes in v1.8:

1. Mod no longer at beta stage.
2. Various menu changes/additions.
3. Soccer ball widget added to Soldier class kits.
4. Dapper weapons ported. Random geometry code used so normal weapons will appear as Dapper versions from time to time.
5. Fixed a few bugs.
6. Tweaked damage system and included the ball in the damage system. Enabled it to bounce and stuff. :D
7. Added mod version number at bott ... Read more »
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