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Sunday, 02.28.2021, 10:07 PM
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Main » 2010 » July » 8 » v1.8 Released!
6:21 AM
v1.8 Released!
It's finally here! Preview video:


Download the mod here:


v1.8 Change Log:

1. Mod no longer at beta stage.
2. Various menu changes/additions.
3. Soccer ball widget added to Soldier class kits.
4. Dapper weapons ported. Random geometry code used so normal weapons will appear as Dapper versions from time to time.
5. Fixed a few bugs.
6. Tweaked damage system and included the ball in the damage system. Enabled it to bounce and stuff. biggrin
7. Added mod version number at bottom right corner of screen when in the main menu.
8. Modified menu background a bit.
9. New animation added to Profile menu when mod is first started.
10. Play Now button added to SinglePlayer menu and the Internet/Local menus.
11. Removed Play Intro button.
12. Removed Campaign button. Campaign mode has been removed from mod as support for it is not planned.
13. Changed tank turret icon to look more BFheroes like. biggrin
14. Removed Radio from ingame hud and moved tickitbar to center of screen.
15. Altered lighting on all maps to make them look closer to the real game.
16. Altered lighting on Sunset Showdown to make it look closer to the real game.
17. Added new start up logo animation. EA logo appears then a shatter effect with a window braking sound. The EA failed logo is then presented. biggrin
18. Nerfed tank vs soldier damage a bit.
19. New Installer.
20. Ported additional effects and redone the chimney smoke effect. Fire Flies effect and sea wake effects ported successfully!
21. Additional undergrowth objects added to maps. Now added some green grass and some yellow leaves for RiverSide rush.
22. Ported engine exhaust effects for jeeps and vehicles.
23. Added floaters to jeep wreck pieces and a separete effect bundle for them when in water.
24. Disabled vanilla BF42 maps with lexicon edits. None of the vanilla maps clutter up the map list anymore. (except Aberdeen which shows up as blank)
25. Ported water fall effects for Buccaneer Bay.
26. Added new font: Century Gothic. Replaced many fonts ingame and in load menu with new font.
27. Restored original MedPack behavior. (may change back if players decide they don't like it)
28. Made new HUD image for the reload bar displayed when the medpack is used.
29. Used lower detail COL02 meshes on the tanks. Should help reduce lag a bit.
30. Added contentCrc32 file for content checking. (however have not tested if this works)

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1 Patrice R.   [Entry]
Very nice work again! But when we will see the Heroes Soldiers on the battlefield?

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