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Forum » Battlefield Heroes'42 » General Discussion » Battlefield Heroes'42 mod for BF1942 (Come here to get the latest version of the mod!)
Battlefield Heroes'42 mod for BF1942
Apache_ThunderDate: Friday, 06.04.2010, 11:16 PM | Message # 1
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Ever wanted to play BFheroes in first person? Ever wanted to free your self from the shackles of EA's tyranny?

Well this mod is for you! I started work on this mod in December of last year and a few months back had finished the first vehicle map. Now the mod has 10 maps including the newest one Midnight Mayham. My nightmaps also have advanced lighting like windows and streetlights casting light onto other objects. Something that hasn't been done in the real game due to lazy EA devs....

Anyways here are some of my videos that show the development of this mod:


1. All vehicles ported.
2. All maps since 1.25 update ported.
3. Jetpacks ported.
4. Most standard issue handweapons ported. No supers/dappers yet.
5. Features TurboJet and RippinRocket customization items for jetpack kits on Midnight Mayham. All weapons and items found in this mod are free and do not require purchase of any kind!
6. Features a modified HUD to look like the real game and sound effects too!
7. Soldier meshes not yet ported. Need someone good in vertex skinning to help me on this before I can get the soldier meshes working.
8. Doesn't lag as much as the real game. biggrin
9. Many other things to long to fit in this post.

Download Links:

Primary Link:


Secondary Link: (non installer version)

Dedicated Server Files:


Change log for v3.0:

1. Added new winter ambiance to non night winter maps.
2. Added new maps: Wicked Wake and Perilous Port.
3. Added more static objects. (for use in Wicked Wake and possible future maps)
4. Added new ambient sound effects for Wicked Wake and Royal Rumble.
5. Added invisible weapon to Soccer Ball widget that will allow players to "kick" the ball by right clicking while aiming at it (with the Soccer Ball widget equipped that is).
6. Re-did most lightmaps for most maps. Now uses DDS format lightmaps with better lighting to look more like BFH.
7. Re-sized level thumbnail frame and level thumbnail. Level thumbnails regenerated for all maps to account for this change.
8. Major retweak of damage system for all weapons.
9. Redid lightcone mesh of the lighthouse on night maps.
10. Added new boat vehicles for both teams on Wicked Wake. A converted LVCP (skins courtasy of Christhian from GFMod dev team) for small transport and a converted version of the boats from Perilous Port for use as mobile base spawns.
11. Flags on fishing boat vehicle (for Royal team only) have been animated to sway in the wind. biggrin
12. Improved detail in water textures. Added some small random pixal noise to the watertemp texture and saved it as two different textures. (each with a different pattern). This will allow me to turn on water layer scrolling and it adds more definition to the water without losing the cartoony look of the water. ;D
13. Added alternate uniform colors for body and legs. Will be randomized in manner similar to customization items.
14. Added new CTF Flags and flagbase from new BFH CTF mode recently added to the real game.
15. New boat vehicles will now have cannons mounted on a modified mesh copied from the AA stationary weapon.
16. Added Winter conversion of Perilous Port. Added custom made ice mesh to have part of the water frozen over for a unique gameplay element.
17. Added updated CTF game-mode sound effects for capture flag events.
18. Fixed missing child object CTD on new soldier templates for Midnight Mayhem.
19. Added LCVP as transport boats in CTF/TDM/Conquest modes for Wicked Wake. (LCVPs will NOT be available in singleplayer!)
20. Ported M249 and PKM as stationary weapons for the LCVP and the gunner position of the tanks. New sound effects for this weapon also ported over.


1. Battlefield 1942 v1.61b
2. Last version of Punkbuster for online play
3. No other mods required to run this mod!

Because this is not a mod for BFheroes and is a mod for BF1942 (an older game engine which BF2/BF2142/BFheroes are based off from), I put it here instead of the modding section.

Updates to the mod will be posted here! Check back everynow and then to get the latest version!
Forum » Battlefield Heroes'42 » General Discussion » Battlefield Heroes'42 mod for BF1942 (Come here to get the latest version of the mod!)
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